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Roeder Crew~
Roeder Racing ~formerly the building of Roeder Harley-Davidson, whose doors were opened in 1972 by the late George Roeder Sr and eventually taken over by the late Will Roeder. The dealership experienced hard times and closed the doors in 2005. Roeder Racing was established in 2009 by George Roeder II.  With years of experience and advise from some of the best business men in the world, George decided to follow in the footsteps and continue to do what he loves doing most....building motorcycles!

Roeder Racing & Service is family-owned and operated right here in Monroeville, OH. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. We are an independant bike shop with the best service and knowledge around! We have a state of the art machine shop and offer the best in motorcycle services and our Technicians are the best in the area!
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Committed to helping our customers have the Ride of their Life!

Meet the Roeder Crew!
     Owner/Machinist: George Roeder II
Owner since 2009

Years of Experience: 30+ 

George does all of the machine work here at Roeder Racing. 
We have a state of the art machine shop that allows us to do all of our work in house. We can do what other shops can not. Quality work done right here!
     ​Service Department
With us since: '09 (Establishment)

Years of experience: 25 yrs

   Geno is a certified factoy technician and has been a part of the motorcycle world for many years. He understands the mechanical intricacies with the V-twin mindset.  
His desire for customer satisfaction is just one asset that make him one of the many valued Tech's here at Roeder Racing & Service.
Gene Wise:
Scott Wagner:
With us since: '09 (Establishment)

Years of experience: 28 yrs

 Scott, AKA "Super" gets his nickname honestly! Super is a certified factory tech and has been spinning wrenches for years! 
You want a Dyno Tune done right?... "Super" is your man! He possess outstanding mechanical and technical aptitude in addition to a keen ability to diagnose subtle problems that typical tech's might overlook. Proud to have Scott as part of our team here at Roeder Racing & Service

Jake Leibold:
With us since: '15 

Years of experience: 7 yrs

Jake is the newest crew member of our Service Department here at Roeder Racing & Service.
 Jake is the new school to our "old school". 
   He does everything from oil changes, tire jobs, powder coating to  running the dyno here at Roeders. He is not only familiar with Harley's but he is also a part of the dirt bike world! 
He adds yet more knowledge to our Service Department!
    Parts Department 
Sean Johns:
With us since: '09 (Establishment)

Years of experience: 23 yrs

 Sean shows a sincere willingness to serve and makes an earnest attempt to get it right for every customer, every time! 
 He has flexibility and presence of mind to be able to deal dynamically with requests. His product knowledge, for not only V-twin, but other parts as well, makes him irreplaceable and we are glad to have him here with us at Roeder Racing & Service.
Bevan Dietrich:
With us since: '12 

Years of experience: 17yrs

   Bevan has been a part of our team for 6 years now. He jumped right in like he has been here for years.  His vast knowledge of motorcycles in general, is inspiring.
 If you have a question, he has an answer. 
Bevan is the Service Manager here at Roeder Racing and he is in charge of scheduling and making sure everything stays on track!
    Motorcycle Sales Department
Taaron Sattler:
With us since: '10 

Years of experience: 9 yrs

 Taaron completes all the legal paperwork involved in a vehicle transaction. In addition, she arranges financing for the customer, and offers such motorcycle aftermarket products as extended service contracts designed to protect the customer’s investment in the vehicle. 
PR (Public Relations):
 also known as a communications or media specialist, she is in charge of website maintainance, advertising and events throughout the year.